Safemax & Co.

Meet Yasmin – Your Bali Property Investment Maestro

Meet Yasmin Swann, Founder of Safemax & Co, your Bali Property Investment Maestro.

Her main goal is to helping you on how to save cost as possible on your project investment so that you can harnesh highest return possible. You will be surprised knowing that you can save up 100-300% from the cost of investments compared to what developers or properties owners are offering you. To take the right and even best decisions on property investment in Bali you know to have deep soul of the its dynamics here and for that you need at least 2-5 years living in Bali and we cant deny being a local sets up me a significant added values to it therefor I am here to safe time and cost for you for you to take the best decisions possible that higher your goal and ROI. You can rely and count on me!

With nearly two decades of global investment corporate experiences (spanning Jakarta, Singapore, and Malaysia, Indonesia) and almost a decade immersed in Bali’s real estate scene, Yasmin brings a unique blend of international business acumen and local expertise on Bali real estates very niche markets. From market research to projects constructions, trends, legal compliance, Yasmin is your complete property partner, committed to bringing your dream projects – turning investment dreams into reality with professionalism, passion, and artistic flair. 

Her motto is: Do it with Passion or Nothing at All!

Our good reputation is built on accuracy, efficiency and transparency.

Reliable built with deep experiences, creativity and deep passion and understanding of real estates investments dynamics in Bali is what sets us different than other .”